Tory to Possibly Reconsider Contracting Out Garbage

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Toronto Mayor John Tory has announced that he might reconsider his campaign pledge to further contract out the city’s garbage collection, in case the facts don’t support the decision. In his remarks, the mayor stated that “I think the people of Toronto will respect me as mayor if I make decisions on my own behalf based on the facts,” adding that “if for example, contracting out in one or two of the remaining division doesn’t save any money, then people would say ‘why would you bother.’”

During his campaign, Mr. Tory promised to contract out garbage east of Yonge Street. Whereas, garbage collection on the west of Yonge Street had been initiated during Rob Ford’s term as mayor, which saved the city almost $11 million annually. A motion has been approved by the city’s Public Works and Infrastructure Committee on Tuesday will look into whether or not further contracting out would save any money. According to Tory, “I stand in favour of saying to the people of Toronto that we have examined all the facts and done what we need to do to make sure that garbage is being collected in the way that gives people the best service for the least amount of money possible.”

Whereas on the other hand, the president of CUPE 416, Dave Hewitt, has confidently stated that the union is competitive with the private sector. He said that “I think public saves the taxpayers more money, more control of the trucks, more control of the workers, more control of who picks up your garbage.”

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