Metro Vancouver Mayors Reveal Plans to for Increased Sales Tax

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Metro Vancouver mayors have made a detailed announcement to inform the public how they plan to invest the proposed 0.5 per cent boost in the provincial sales tax to fund transportation. With only two months left in the vote, the mayors announced that Vancouver and Surry will be getting a subway along Broadway and three light rail lines respectively.

However, the mayors highlighted that Metro Vancouver residents are also planned to receive equal benefit through hundreds of new buses, including 11 for express B-Lines, that will not only run through transit-rich cities like Burnaby but also car-clogged streets of Langley and Port Coquitlam. In addition to that, the mayors also plan to invest in Canada Line and the two SkyTrains, along with more frequent bus, SeaBus and West Coast Express service, while cycling paths, increased HandyDart service and better roads, sidewalks and transit stops round out the mayors’ $7.5-billion, 10-year wish list.

North Vancouver District Mayor and former chairman of the mayors’ council on regional transportation, Richard Walton, mentioned that “at this point we’re going to have to literally show, very clearly, what the value proposition is in every area of Metro Vancouver.” It was added that “we’re going to have to take an active lead in educating the people of our community that this makes sense.” B.C. Liberal Premier, Christy Clark, has asked the non-binding plebiscite to be held in Metro Vancouver before any new funding sources are approved.

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