Dalhousie Student, Millet, Involved in Facebook Scandal Helped the Victim

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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One of the 13 Dalhousie University dental student 29-year-old Ryan Millet’s lawyer, Bruce MacIntosh, has confirmed that his client was suspended for their alleged involvement in a hateful Facebook group. According to MacIntosh, Mr. Miller was the one to blow the whistle on the misogynistic posts by informing his female classmate about her being targeted on a poll on a private Facebook group “Class of DDS 2015 Gentlemen.” The post asked who the members would most like to have “hate” sex with.

In adding to that, Millet revealed to have given the woman access to his account and helped her in gathering evidence to make a complaint to the university. Quite noticeably, Millet is the first and only of the 13 suspended fourth-year dental students to have come forward publicly. In a letter of apology authored by Millet last month, he said that “while I did not play a direct involvement in the hurtful comments brought forth, I apologize for being a bystander.” Millet stated that “no father can stand idly by with this happening and consider himself a man. I knew it was time to step forward. My children deserve to know their father did the right thing.”

MacIntosh bitterly criticized the University for its mishandling of the scandal as he stated that Millet has been “pilloried and secretly convicted, without due process or the right to be heard.” He revealed that “at least three separate times in the last month, a dental school internal process has met behind closed doors and found him guilty of ‘blatant unprofessionalism,’ without once demanding a due diligence investigation or offering the opportunity to be heard.”

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