Alberta Judge Accepts Bail of Omar Khadr

The renowned former Guantanamo Bay detainee, Omar Khadr, has finally been granted the first taste of freedom after spending more than 12 years in custody. The verdict announced by Alberta Justice June Ross on Friday accepted his bail a month after Khadr appeared in an Edmonton while his Guantanamo conviction is being challenged in a Washington court.

According to the verdict announced by Justice Ross, “he has 12 ½ year track record as a model prisoner, and a release plan supported by educators, mental health professionals, and his lawyers,” adding that “this is a circumstance where balancing a strong appeal and the public confidence in the administration of justice favour the same result.” Whereas on the other hand, Khadr’s longtime Canadian lawyer, Dennis Edney, have offered to host Khadr and provide whatever community supervision he may require. Khadr has received immense support from different community groups in Edmonton including imams and medical professionals, to professors at a Christian university. Edney and lawyer Nathan Whitling, who argued the bail application, said they were delighted by the news. Whitling explained that “Omar is fortunate to be back in Canada where we have real courts and real laws.”

Meanwhile a statement issued by Public Safety Minister, Steven Blaney, alleged that he was “disappointed” by the decision and announced that the federal government plans to appeal the decision. He revealed that “our Government will continue to work to combat the international jihadi movement, which has declared war on Canada and her allies.”

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