Man Jailed 27 Years for Wrong Conviction Seeks Damages

The lawyer of the many wrongly convicted for 27 years, John Laxton, revealed that his client, Ivan Henry, did not just suffer due to the vulnerability of the justice system but he was made to suffer by police and prosecutors. B.C. Supreme Court heard on Monday that the authorities were under pressure to solve a series of brutal rapes in the 1980s so they convicted Ivan Henry even though they were aware that their methods are flawed.

Laxton stated that “this should never have been necessary,” adding that “we trust your lordship’s judgement will be so damning that a government will think twice in the future before they go on such a reckless disregard of a citizen’s rights.” Wrongfully convicted for 10 sexual assaults involving eight victims in 1983, Henry is now suing the City of Vancouver, the province and the federal government. According to Laxton, the victims of the case are planning to argue in the case that Henry is indeed the guilty party.

Even though Henry’s legal team has refrained from stating how much money they want to ask for, another wrongfully convicted man, David Milgaard, was given $10 million for some two decades in prison. In his remarks, Ivan Henry stated that he found the facts laid out in the case “overwhelming.” He stressed that “I never knew all that stuff. Had I known that I would have had a better chance to defend myself, right?”

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