Conservative’s Federal Candidate Says Abortion Equals to 9-11, Holocaust

A video recently brought to light has shown the Conservative’s federal candidate in Winnipeg, Dr. Gordon Giesbrecht, claiming that abortion is equivalent to Holocaust and 9-11 has stirred a lot of criticism from the opposition parties. In the video, Winnipeg South’s Giesbrecht can be heard saying that “over 42 million unborn babies have been aborted. That’s a 9-11 every day for the past 35 years.” In the video posted on the Horizon College and Seminary blog in March 2009, Giesbrecht urges churches to do more about abortion.

Almost all opponents of Giesbrecht in Winnipeg South have criticized his remarks. NDP candidate, Brianne Goertzen, alleged that “I think my first reaction was one of shock, because it’s frightening to see that such a comment is made in this day and age in regards to women’s rights,” adding that her party supports a women’s right to choose. She also recommended Giesbrecht to take responsibility for his comments. Whereas on the other hand, Liberal candidate Terry Duguid pointed out that the Liberals have always vowed to protect a women’s right to choose. He called Giesbrecht’s comments unfortunate and stated “well references to 9-11 and the Holocaust are most unfortunate and really not worthy of any further comment.”

Meanwhile, Green Party candidate, Adam Smith, stated that “although I don’t begrudge Dr. Geisbrecht his religious convictions, if he doesn’t understand why comparing abortion rights to 9-11 and the Holocaust is a hyperbolic and intentionally facile argument then I must seriously question his judgment.”

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