Canada Appoints Transgender Judge, McKenzie, For the First Time

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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canada appoints transgender judge, mckenzie, for the first timeCanada’s first ever transgender judge, Kael McKenzie, was officially sworn in on Friday after working in Manitoba’s provincial court since December. McKenzie was supported by a courtroom filled with friends, family and colleagues, when he took oath alongside newly appointed Associate Chief Judge Anne Krahn. In his remarks, McKenzie stated “I am pleased to be part of an administrative team who are supportive and from whom I have so much to learn.”

At the oath ceremony, McKenzie’s supporters took turns to share stories about his past and slipped in a few jokes as well. One of the attendees revealed that “I know that in the history of this great country, you are the first judge in the history of this court to share your name with the superfood kale.” Whereas, McKenzie also joked that he was glad his friends used their “utmost discretion” in deciding what stories to share. He stated that “I’m overwhelmed by the kind comments today” adding that “I was slightly worried about the potential informants.”

McKenzie received his law degree from the University of Manitoba in 2006 and served as a crown attorney for five years, practicing family, commercial and civil law before that. In addition to keeping in view the diversity of Metis transgender, Manitoba Justice Minister Gord Mackintosh said the decision was made based on McKenzie’s track record. Mackintosh stated that “the appointment is based on merit, based on excellence, professional excellence, and involvement in the community,” adding that “anytime the court can be more diverse, I think it strengthens the court, it makes it more legitimate, it gives it greater authority.”

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  1. Absolutely disgusting that people would celebrate this sick sick abomination to be a judge. This “thing” needs to be kept locked ip and his sick delusions against nature utterly rejected and destroyed.

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