Human Remains Found in Garbage Bin behind Butcher Shop

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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human remains found in garbage bin behind butcher shopPolice has confirmed that an autopsy is underway after human remains were discovered on Tuesday in garbage bins behind a butcher shop in Riverdale. According to the police, the human remains were found in an industrial garbage bag behind Charlie’s Meat and Seafood Ltd, on Broadview Ave. just north of Gerrard St. E.

The butcher shop owner, Jim Cheung, explained that he was first informed about the discovery by one of his employees on Tuesday morning. According to Cheung, his staff handles the garbage bins in the morning and they are usually empty but this time, they weren’t. Cheung’s employee called him and said “I think I found part of a person.” Cheung commented that “he knows how to cut meat, so as soon as he dumped the bin he realized this isn’t normal.” He stated that “I couldn’t believe what he was telling me. When he called me, I could tell in his voice he was panicking. He wasn’t his normal, calm self. I said, ‘I’m coming right now’ and I called 911.”

After keeping the shop cordoned off for most part of the day, police has removed the yellow tape around the butcher shop on Wednesday afternoon and allowed it to re-open again. According to the spokesperson for the Office of the Chief Coroner and the Ontario Forensic Pathology Service, Cheryl Mahyr, they cannot comment yet about when the results of the autopsy will be in.

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