McMurray Blaze Firefighters to Double Amid Cooler Weather

Officials battling the monstrous McMurray fire have speculated that the corps of firefighters battling the Fort McMurray blaze will be almost double over the next couple of weeks. Senior wildfire officer, Chad Morrison, revealed on Friday that cooler, damp weather in northeastern Alberta has reduced the intensity of the fire, providing the opportunity for more firefighters to work safely.

Mr Morrison stated that “with the cooler weather and hopefully some rain in the forecast, we will have the ability to put more boots on the ground in safe places and really dig into this fire.” He explained that “we want to be strategic and calculated. Obviously we want to make sure we are putting them in the right spots because there will still be some extreme fire conditions in spots as we get hot dry weather over the coming weeks.” So far, over 1,100 firefighters are currently deployed against the blaze and additional 500 are expected to arrive next week, followed by 500 more the following week.

In his remarks, Morrison elucidated that wet weather in other regions of Alberta have allowed the province to draw more firefighters from those areas to Fort McMurray. He added that the province will also be bringing in additional firefighters from other provinces. It was explained that “if those resources are exhausted, we will work through international partnerships to bring in the certified, qualified, highly trained and experienced firefighters from other jurisdictions used to working with these extreme fire conditions.”

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