The Ultimate Leafs Fan Mike Wilson to Attend All 82 Maple Leafs Games This Season, Sharing the Stories of Leafs Nation

With the NHL season not far away and Leafs fans are everywhere, and hockey historian Mike Wilson is on a mission to tell as many of their stories as possible. This fall Mike will be embarking on a lifelong dream.  A season long trip to see every game the Maple Leafs play, telling the stories of Leafs Nation along the way. “I’ve been a Leafs fans since I was a small boy and have dedicated so much of my life to collecting and sharing their stories. I’ve had this dream of following the team to meet Leafs fans in every city, and we decided this is the year.” said Wilson.  

Mike and his partner Debra are well known in the hockey community. Their 1000 square foot basement looks more like the Hockey Hall of Fame than a “man cave”, hosting a lifetime’s collection of artifacts. They have used their unique collection to host fundraising events for years, raising over $2 million dollars for various charities. The collection was the backdrop for events that saw legends like Wayne Gretzky, Bobby Orr and Johnny Bower tour “The Room”.

But after selling a large part of the collection, Mike has been looking for a new way to tell stories of his beloved team and feels this is the time and platform to do so. “Leafs fans are the most passionate and dedicated sports fans on the planet.” Says Mike. “No matter where you go, the Blue and White is in full force and they have stories to tell. I talk to Leafs fans every single day and there is so much untold history from their perspective. I can’t wait to meet Leafs fans from across North America, have a beer with them, watch a game with them and hear their version of the team’s history.”

The veteran author will be sharing the stories he collects through blogs, videos and ultimately a book. “As a historian and a storyteller it’s important for me to document the story of Leafs Nation in their own words. Together we will be able to preserve all of these stories for generations to come.”

Leaf fans from coast to coast and all around the world are encouraged to share their stories and memories with Mike by visiting his website or by using #UltimateFanRoadTrip on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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