Top 7 Ways MotoGP and World Superbike can stop the Fan Exodus

Both MotoGP and World Superbike can agree on something for a change.  Unfortunately,  it is something that is not in favor of either one.  The drop in attendance of fans at events around the globe is leaving  both series both MotoGP and World Superbike organizers scratching their heads.

What can be done to get fans back at the races which in turn attracts the sponsors and advertisers?  Well if you ask me the answer is easy.  Read as I borrow working ideas from other sports and technologies available on the marke.tWe have create a list that breaks down ways to get the fans back to the races.

  1. Reduce the size of the gas tank and make Pit Stops Mandatory-  Some of the best races I have seen in recent years is when the entire field has to come into the pits to change bikes because it starts to rain.  This not only adds a new dimension to racing but gets the fans more excited as adds the possibility for more passing.   Reducing the size of the gas tank forces teams to come in to fill up at least once during the race.
  2. Live streaming camera from every rider  How many times have you watched a race on TV and never see your favorite rider?  Maybe sometimes the camera man is obsessed with the leader riding all by himself for the whole race while the rest of the pack is scrapping it out.  How about introduce multiple streaming cameras on every rider.  So you can watch your favorite rider from different angles or watch in the middle of a scrap.  GoPro has just intrduced the GoPro Wi-Fi streaming camera kits so why not since the technology is available?
  3. Trophy Dashes / Shootouts – Take the top 5 qualifiers and have them race in a shootout.    A three to five lap all out race in which the winner earns more points for the championship.
  4. Combine MotoGP and World Superbike race weekends – Not saying every race weekend should be combined but how about a few races each year.  It would be one of the best motorcycle race weekends ever.  Seeing both World Championships at the same time would draw huge crowds.  On top of that we would put together a race on stock 125cc racers and put the top 5 qualifiers from World Superbike up against the MotoGP top 5 qualifiers.
  5. Wild Card Rounds – Introduce a new wild card round every year in a different location.  Not only will this attract new fans but it will put on the riders on an equal playing field as they all have to learn the track and get the bike setup accordingly.
  6. 2 Tire Manufactures – All riders always complain about tires.  So we have the perfect solution to even the playing field further.  Invite 2 tire manufactures to supply tires for the season alternating between companies every round.  This will even the playing field between manufactures that work really well on one make tire and not others.
  7. All Star Race – Get the top three championship points finishers from British Superbikes, American Superbikes, Germany Superbikes, Australia, MotoGP, and World Superbikes.  A best of three series including supermoto, road racing, and endurance racing.  This would be a great opportunity for riders in other series to get some international exposure.

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