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Professional poker player Zach Gensler is on the verge of demonstrating the wonders of endurance during the World Series of Poker and beat the record of all-mighty Laaak. If you believe in his strength, you can back him via 1xBit – bitcoin betting sites.

American Zach Gensler has made up his mind to set an unusual poker record. During the WSOP-2019, the poker player is about to play at cash tables for up to 120 hours nonstop and find himself in the Guinness Book of Records.

According to Zack, he has recently had a long poker experience, spending up to 80 hours at the Aria casino. He revealed to reporters that after 33 hours of play he felt very tired, but kept drinking water and eating foods rich in proteins.

Gensler is assured he has good chances to succeed in the upcoming test. From his point of view, there’s an 85 likelihood that everything will end as he plans. By the way, the US poker player is about to spend his marathon playing the game at $ 1/2 limits. What’s more, about 50% of his profit will be spent on charity. Approximately, 33% will be transferred to the fund to support children, while and the rest will back veterans of the United States since Zack was in the US military.

“Now the number one goal of my life is to help folks and make the world better. I haven’t always been that way. I became more altruistic after the tragic death of my mother. I was very depressed, but poker saved my life,” Gensler told. 

If Zack's plan comes true, he’ll be able to break the record set nine years ago by Phil Laak. In 2010, Laak managed to stay in the cash game for up to 115 hours! By the way, Gensler even ​offered Phil a bet under the terms of which, if he’s right, Laak would pay him a buy-in to the Main Event of the WSOP-2019 ($ 10,000). However, according to Zack, that star poker player neglected his proposal. Perhaps Laak simply didn’t take the idea of his counterpart seriously because over the years, many poker players have tried to defy Phil, but his record hasn’t been broken yet. Let's see whether it works out this time or not.

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