Disappointment as Winterswijk Cancels Natural Ice Marathon

natural ice marathon

This article was last updated on December 1, 2023

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Plans for Natural Ice Marathon Thwarted

Unfortunately, it seems that there will not be a marathon on natural ice this weekend, as reported by the KNSB. The much-anticipated event organized by the Winterswijk ice skating association has been canceled as it became evident that the ice thickness will not be sufficient for the competition to take place.

Futile Efforts of Ice Skating Clubs

Despite efforts from various ice skating clubs to prepare a suitable rink, it is Winterswijk that had the most concrete plans. The Achterhoek location had hoped to build an ice floor using a specific method and insulation. However, it was confirmed on Friday that the prevailing weather conditions will not favor the realization of these plans.

Auke Spijkstra, the chairman of the Winterswijk ice skating association, expressed his disappointment, stating, “There is barely a millimeter of ice at the moment. So unfortunately it will not happen.” In order to host a marathon race on natural ice, a minimum of 30 millimeters of ice is required, a criterion that remains unmet.

Weather and Previous Year’s Comparison

The KNSB has not received any requests to measure the ice thickness at any location, signaling the current lack of prospects for the event. This disappointing development is further compounded by the unfavorable weather forecast for the weekend, leaving little hope for a turnaround.

Comparatively, last year saw the first marathon being held on December 14 in Burgum, Friesland, emphasizing the contrasting outcomes between this and the previous winter seasons.

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