Journey of Daphne Van Domselaar

Daphne van Domselaar

This article was last updated on July 14, 2022

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When Van Domselaar was a goalkeeper for the Orange, it was illegal for her to play: “It brought her to tears.”

She was all smiles once more as she took part in the lap of honour around the stadium. So far, the European Championship has been Daphne van Domselaar’s dream come true. However, if her parents had their way, she’d be playing volleyball right now.

Orange’s starting goalkeeper, 22-year-old Daphne van Domselaar, has unexpectedly become well known in the last week with the departure of captain Sari van Veenendaal.

In her first appearance for the team, she makes a number of impressive saves against Sweden.On that night in Sheffield, she tells herself, “I didn’t have time to feel anxious at all.” Nerves jangle in a North Holland living room on the other side of the North Sea.

The little girl

Anxiously awaiting her entrance will be Van Domselaar’s proud parents. On the couch at Langedijk, in front of the TV. Elly’s mother is unable to take a day off because she has a job at a school. The vacation doesn’t begin until the following Friday.

Elly is beaming with pride as she sits in front of the television that evening. The woman on the other end of the line calls back, “Even at 22 years old, it’s still your little daughter,” and she means it. After the game, the mother and daughter are only able to speak to each other.

I had told her via text that I wouldn’t be able to sleep if she didn’t call when she had time. In the end, it took a long time due to the several interviews she had to go through. Her demeanour remained unfaltering when we eventually spoke. It wasn’t until the middle of the night that the knowledge dawned on her. “

In the second match against Portugal on Wednesday night, Van Domselaar had time to feel worried. She admits that she felt a reasonable amount of stress. “When I finally made it to the field, everything calmed down. I don’t need to be anxious since I have faith in the team and myself. “

For the past five years, Van Domselaar has lived alone in Hengelo alongside other members of FC Twente’s record-breaking squad. When she’s not in the middle of the action, she’s quiet, ambitious, and critical of herself.

“One of the fellas,”

She was raised in Langedijk, a hamlet near Alkmaar in West Friesland, where she was born. Even as a toddler, “I prevented her a little bit from playing football,” recalls her mother. “I wanted her to acquire her swimming certificate because we live in a village with a lot of water.”

There’s yet another explanation. To fit in, Daphne began to play with and dress like other boys her age. That’s when I realised: if she begins playing football with the boys, that’ll be much too much, “Elly explains.

“I was a little bit like the boys,” she admits. There was no girls’ soccer team in our area at the time, so I had to play a sport that included both boys and girls.

During his time in high school, Van Domselaar participated in a variety of different sports. Among her favourite sports are fencing, kickboxing, and volleyball, all of which she looks to excel at. She reasoned that if I couldn’t play football, maybe I could play volleyball.

“After a few years, she’d had enough and requested to be allowed to participate in football.” I could tell that upset her. Before she joined football, she concluded her volleyball season and began training for the sport. We couldn’t have made her happier. “

LSVV, the Langedijker Sports Association, welcomes Van Domselaar. Since they do not have a constant goalie, the girls’ squad rotates between them. According to Elly, “she never went out again in the second game.”

FC Twente is taken aback by this.

Telstar acquired the goalie skill that LSVV had been lacking for five years. Tommy Stroot convinced her to join FC Twente in 2017. In the beginning, “no one knew her,” Leoni Blokhuis recalls.

On her first day, she played in a positional game, and the coach introduced her to the hard-core of Twente. She has nothing to say about football. “

Off the field, Van Domselaar is a powerhouse. For the past several years, she has been earning a bachelor’s degree in technical business administration, which includes courses in sports psychology and cognitive behavioural therapy.

As a result of her parents’ counsel, she has chosen a degree that has nothing to do with sports in case goalkeeping doesn’t work out.

The best teams have already begun recruiting new players.

However, this European Championship appears to be going well as well. There have already been “a number of international elite clubs reporting to us in recent months,” Blokhuis says. “That’s something we’ve been discussing.”

However, Daphne pauses to consider whether or not what she is doing is appropriate. That’s her style. At Twente, she has recently agreed to a one-year contract. Of course, you never know, but knowing her, she wants to put her efforts towards extending her title with Twente. She’s right there in front of you, if you look. “

Sari van Veenendaal and Van Domselaar have been dating since before the European Championships.

Elly reports that Van Domselaar’s parents had been in England since the team’s most recent group stage encounter on Sunday against Switzerland. It’s up to Orange to decide how long we remain, as we’ve purchased a one-way ticket.

Volleyball is a great way to be active and stay in

Goodness, they let their daughter play football instead of volleyball after much prodding. “With volleyball, you do everything with your hands and the ball,” Elly jokes, “therefore she now benefits from that.”

My kid is on board. “Goalkeeping and volleyball, I believe, have a lot in common. I guess it helped because I used to be good at catching balls. “

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