Happier The Mom Happier Will Be The Baby

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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It is a known fact that happier moms have happier children. Since women are prone to depression, so it’s best that they keep their minds busy and keep working. Although for working moms, it isn’t easy to look after their children, they spend half a day at work and after that they are left with absolutely no energy to deal with the child’s tantrums and moods. But since mothers have greater tolerance and patience towards their children they tend to get relaxed with them after a long day at work.

Researchers have proved that no matter how busy a woman is, whether she works or she is a stay-at home mom, she would be equally involved in her child’s school and other activities as any mom. The idea that a mother works, ensures the child’s better education due to the fact that the working mom is happier and she has more experience and exposure. She would also be financially better to ensure the child’s living standards.

Many economists have also proved that countries with a higher percentage of working moms tend to develop faster because working ladies tend to groom their young ones better and this provides the country with a better younger generation.

In terms of health, working moms are said to be healthier than their stay-at-home peers because they keep themselves busy in healthy activities, they don’t just possess healthy minds but they are also healthy physically, the reason behind this is that they have to be in a working environment and they keep a check on their body shape and their outlook.

It is yet another known fact that the happier the mom the happier will be everyone at home. A little baby when learns from the mom, he/she imitates everything, he even learns on how the mom reacts to several different situation, what are the anger patterns of the mom. So happier the mom, healthier she is, healthier will be her children and everyone else at home. There is no doubt in fact that a house becomes a home with the presence of a mother.

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