The mummyji syndrome

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Marriage season is in  full bloom. And would be mothers’-in-law expectations from their would be daughters in-law are on the higher side. 

New age mothers-in-law are no longer confined to puja paath and kitchen. They have a large social circle and nobody wants to fall behind.

“I want my daughter-in-law to handle everything from home to work. I have my set of friends whose daughters-in-law are working and managing homes very well so I don’t want that my daughter in-law to be less than anyone,” says Veena Raina, who married off her son just few months ago.

Mothers-in-law want to present their bahus as superwoman. This pressure of living up to their in-laws’ expectations are taking a toll on these poor girls.

Chitra, who is getting married in end of the year is getting a cold feet, “My would be mother-in-law is a home maker, a great cook and a complete woman and yes she has the same expectations of me. Hence I am trying to learn the tricks of home making and cooking.”

Some of the ladies even have set guidelines, “My mother-in-law gave me all the directions just after few days of my marriage, and clearly told me to handle kitchen in morning,” says Lina

Adjustment problems arise everywhere but the situation is worse for small town girls as there is a huge difference in the life styles.
Priya who has been married since four months finds it really difficult to cope up with her in-laws’ expectations. “I am an educated girl from a decent background but still find it difficult to adjust with my in-laws as their is a huge difference in the our life styles.”

“My mother-in-law always tries to teach me things that I know and even imposes her choices on me,” adds Priya.

So girls you better watch out!

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