Age and conditioning

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This article was last updated on May 19, 2022

Age and conditioningIt is very interesting to note, how the purity of a human form changes, it starts to happen soon after being born. A child is born, with his or her genetic makeup. The parents, are the first contact for the child, and consciously and unconciously the parents start to transmit and project their own fears, beliefs and desires on to the child; the extended family, friends, and society become further contributors to how the child is interacted with and treated. The parenting magazines, and the businesses start to market their ideas and their wares into the brains of the parents. With all good intentions "a perfect human being" starts being raised……..the purity of the newborn soul, slowly starts to tarnish.

Now I am of a certain "age", a chronological label is stuck on me. ‘Who am I’, is a question that is never given a chance to flourish, instead the mind and body is constantly evaluating and judging. What am I, doing and achieving, to meet the benchmark and standard set by the society. Till the child is under the parents influence, the parents, become the transmitter and the judge of these expectations……fast forward to teenage years and the peers become the guide.

An inner conflict starts to set in, when the interaction with peers begins to dominate the life of the child now trying to be an individual. The inner voice of the person that we are born as, begins to whisper, reminding us of our true nature. But the conditioning and the chains of society is too strong and the soul is suffocated. I am now, just a skeleton, defined completely by my environment, the culture and the sub-culture of the family I am born in. The rest of the life is spent, in measuring myself against the societal and familial benchmarks.

How many beautiful souls lie buried in the necropolis of "society" and "culture". While the breathing dead, guide the world……..using greed and fear as their crutches. But, all of us are breathing, and some hear their inner voice, and guidance, an awakening, as we start to explore the true self and begin to live.

The choice is to break free of all ones conditioning, question oneself of all the certainties. Stop putting limitations on who we are and what is happening, remind to not allow anyone to take control of our mind and body. Build the unconditional acceptance, with passion and compassion. Living each moment for what it is, accepting without labels and fears. Doing what needs to be done to first take care of our, mind, body and spirit, which will enable us to take care of others. Making it our responsibility to share this life, with all other sentient beings.

Tu Eres Mi Otro Yo – (You Are My Other Self). A Mayan concept of unity, we learn to be ourselves through our relationships with others.

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