Potty training of Boys vs. Girls

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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There are many mothers who aim to train their girls and boys to finally get rid of the diaper changing hassle. Mind you that potty training for boys and girls differ greatly.  The difference comes due to the difference in physical structure of each gender and mothers may find the potty training an ordeal task. Girls prefer sitting and boys tend to stand up and aim while mothers potty train them. In this regard, don’t get frustrated since girls tend to learn quickly while you potty train them as it is convenient for them to figure out the best possible position in which they can conveniently sit and wipe off themselves.
All mothers ultimately learn that to potty train girls and boys, they need different special techniques. 

Girls-potty training

First you require the right equipment that is trying to get hold of a potty chair to potty train your girls. It should be that low that the feet of your girls should be touching the floor. In this way, potty training becomes easy and your child will not feel queasy about the task. In this way, girls will be able to relax her pelvic muscles. In case you potty train your girls on the adult toilet seat then give her a seat to relax and complete the job. Teach your girls the correct tactics of positioning their body as part of the potty training. Use less amount of spray and encourage your girls to sit with knees a bit apart and her back with the seat so that she can easily relax. Other tricks while potty training is to keep your girls busy and entertained. Give her with story books to read, colorful pictures or even music can do. Lastly, teach your girls how to wipe themselves once they are done and make sure that she does it properly. 

Boys-potty training

Of course, all mothers need the similar equipment to potty train their boys just like they need it for their girls. Allow your boys to use a potty chair or even a seat and never let him stand while he is under the guidance of potty training. Guide him to sit and do the pooping with his penis pushed downwards so that he doesn’t have to scrap it down while wiping it off.  Boys normally want to stand while peeing then you can teach them to stand with their feet slightly apart and aim towards the potty seat and not splash around in the whole washroom. Das can help their sons in this regard by potty training them. You can keep the boys busy by giving them small cars or even gadgets if they are interested in order to relax their muscles.

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