Turning up the Heat

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This article was last updated on May 20, 2022

As the unforgiving sun rises from the east and dawn turns to morning, Mumbaites start their routine with a trip to the loo. Most homes in this bustling city are equipped with a geezer. No, I don’t mean the dodgy guy that lives at the end of your street, but to the water heater. This concept of a geezer is a foreign one to my wife and although she remembers to switch it on every morning, she often fails to switch the thing off! 

In hopes of making sure she remembers I even told her that if it’s left on too long, it could explode and set the house on fire! No luck! 

Finally, I resorted to calling her back to the bathroom to switch it off at which point I hear ‘I left it on for you!’ each and every time. As sweet as most of you think that is, on every occasion, I’ve told her it needn’t be on since the water is hot enough. Weeks in to our marriage, I still step in to the bathroom and call her over and can visualise her reaction in the living room as she hears her name bellowing from inside the flat. She freezes, her mouth becomes a little ‘O’ after which she covers it with her hand before screaming ‘I left it on for you!’. Of late, this has evolved to new heights for now when I call her back to turn off the geezer, she begins by professing that it’s once again been left on for my benefit. Soon after, I’m accused of switching the bloody thing on with the sole purpose of tormenting her by calling her to the loo to switch it off! In fact, this geezer thing has become such a common part of our married life that on one occasion when I called out to her from our bedroom because I found a knocked over water bottle on the floor she immediately yelled back,

‘I Left it on For You!!!!!’

Marriage Tip 5

Only shower after your wife is done!

Welcome to my heated married life!

About the author:

Born in Africa, Chandru grew up between Nigeria, India and the UK. With a Masters in International Business from the University of Westminster, he moved to New York where he worked as a Business Development Manager for three years. In 2002, he returned to Nigeria where he currently resides and runs a trading company. Chandru has been writing for Beyond Sindh (www.beyondsindh.com) since 2004 and has published numerous articles in the quarterly publication. His story entitled ‘The Love Letter’ won the Mirage Book short story contest and was published in an anthology titled Inner Voices in January 2009. His short story ‘Zero’ is scheduled to be published in the anthology Indian Voices towards the end of 2010.
In December 2009, Chandru’s first novel, ‘The Journey of Om’ was published in India by Cedar Books.
For more information on Chandru visit www.chandrubhojwani.com

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