Women’s faces reveal it all!

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Women’s personality traits are written all over their faces, while men’s are closed books, claims a new study.

According to the New Scientist study, simply by looking at females’ faces one can tell if they’re lucky, religious or trustworthy.

However, studying men’s faces gives no hint as to their character, the study found.

To reach the conclusion, researchers asked 1,000 people to send in photographs of themselves and fill in a detailed questionnaire about their personality and beliefs.
Then, the research team isolated those who described themselves as strongly in one camp or another on four key aspects of their character and conflated the photographs into composite faces.

More than 6,500 people later logged on to a website to guess which set of faces were linked to which personality feature.

The findings show that they were able to identify lucky women 70 per cent of the time. They were even more accurate about which women were religious, correct 73 per cent of the time.

And although the score for identifying trustworthiness was lower, at 54 per cent, the researchers described it as “statistically significant”.

However, men’s faces do not reveal as much of their true character, the findings of the study, the study suggest.

Richard Wiseman, from the University of Hertfordshire, and Rob Jenkins, from Glasgow University, who carried out the study, said that there were a number of reasons for the results.

“Perhaps female faces are simply more informative than male ones. It could also be that the men who sent us their portraits were less insightful when rating their personalities or less honest. Or perhaps the women were more thoughtful when selecting the photographs they submitted,” the Telegraph quoted them, as saying.

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