Five women to keep away from your guy

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Making your friends meet your guy might seem like a normal thing to do, after all they are the ones who know you best and are seen with you almost everywhere.

But it is not always safe to let the two ends meet, lest it turn fatal.

Overtly friendly types : These girls just don’t seem to know where to draw the line. The Miss Congeniality type is commonly seen falling over other men. She may mean no harm, but tries to keep on touching him all over; would want to rest her body on him or laugh even at the silliest joke he cracks, giving out wrong signals. Such women are bound to make you feel awkward and left out since they don’t know how to give space to a couple.

Manisha Kishore, 27 years, a PR consultant says, “We all had gone out to a pub once. When the music started to play and drinks started to roll, this pretty friend of mine dragged my boyfriend on to the dance floor. She was falling all over him making me feel embarrassed to the core. I didn’t know how to handle the situation and I left the place fuming. I had a huge row with my boyfriend regarding this.”

Expert Tip : “It’s best to act mature in such cases and let your guy know that you don’t like any woman takes such liberty with your beau. Also explain to him that he should shun such women so to avoid problems between the two of you. Do not over react since your guy is not exactly at fault in this situation. He might just be trying to be sweet to your friend,” says psychiatrist Anjali Kumar.

Grabby types : She just can’t resist a good catch. She is infamous for dating several men at the same time, some of whom may even be already engaged.

Swati Sharma, 22 years, an MBA student recalls, “I had this lass in college who we all friends knew was sleeping around with almost every man she could lay her hands on. Once our college gang had gone out for a movie where my guy was supposed to join us. This girl also came along. When my guy came, she started acting strange. She tried everything possible to grab some private moments alone with him and my guy didn’t even resist her overtures. I got mighty pissed off and two days later found her raunchy text message on his mobile phone. I dumped him the same day.”

Expert Tip : “Take your guy into confidence and tell him everything about the girl. This should do the trick since he won’t then try to take her advances seriously,” suggests Dr Bhavna Uniyal.
Gossipy kinds : She is not one of your best friends, yet knows a lot about your past (rather, all the secrets of your past). You can’t leave your man alone with her because she might just spill the beans from your past that you don’t want your partner to find out just yet.

Priyanka Sinha, 25 years, a legal executive with an MNC says, “I used to often hang out with a colleague (cum friend) from my workplace. We were like the best of bitching partners in office. Once it so happened that we got late outside and my guy had to drop her home. I was so restless all the while and my worst fears came true the very next morning. She told my guy about an ex who was a common friend my boy was really wary of. I didn’t know what to say.”

Expert Tip : “It’s safest to keep this woman away from your guy or best to confide in him about your past and make him understand that it’s history now. If you are successfully able to do that then you don’t really need to worry about the woman,” says psychologist Pankaj Vohra.

Desperate singleton : These women are constantly seen cribbing about their single status. She has tried her luck with almost every guy. She sees every man as a prospective target and leaves no stone unturned to make her seem available.

Ritu Kapoor, 29 years, a content writer states, “I took my fiancé out to our college alumni. I wanted him to meet my friends. A single friend started to take a lot of interest in him asking him about his profession, his interests, while I was busy mingling with other long lost friends. She even asked for his number. My eyes were constantly glued on to them and as a result I could not enjoy the evening at all. It was awful. I never want them to meet again.”

Expert Tip : “If you are good friends with the girl, it’s better to confide in her about the seriousness of your relationship and if you two aren’t really good friends, then you should try to make your guy do something to put her off,” says relationship expert Namita Krishnamurthy.

‘I am sexy and i know it’ : This best defines women belonging to this category. They know that they can win over any guy if they want to and are a dream catch for almost every guy they meet. Such friends pose a higher risk because they could very well catch your guy’s fancy.

Ruchika Aggarwal, 22, a freelancer adds, “I had this super hot friend in college who met my guy soon after we started dating. Thereafter, he kept on asking me about making a plan with that group. It made me feel superbly insecure and I confided in him. He confessed that he found her quite hot and fun. So I had to cook up this really ‘mean’ story about her being a lesbian to turn him off.”

Expert Tip : “Try to dress up well for your man. Accentuate your strengths. He won’t have time to take his eyes off you,” opines relationship expert Priya Saxena.

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