Not Feeling the value of Kate and William in Canada

A pleasant couple, likable, seemingly sound moral fiber, Will and Kate nothing particularly offensive on a personal level. The point, there are about ten couples on my street who share the same attributes. I have a problem with fawning over celebrities, particularly ones who have no talent or skill which has led to their "status". The Monarchy isn’t about merit, it’s about who’s vagina you exited, or who donated sperm to the cause. It’s an ancient system, entirely offensive to the notion of a progressive society, elitist, betraying all tenets of egalitarianism. I don’t dislike the Royals on a personal level, but I reject everything that swirls around them.

I will never understand how any feminist can support this Royal presentation. As a role model for women, Kate represents the most superficial qualities. Be seen, not heard, this abysmal tour has produced nothing more than a cute ornament, mostly silent and subservient. Outdated protocols, watching Kate meander through the weight of correctness, it’s maddening when you detach emotion from the equation. There is no depth here, no inspiration, apart from naked reverence to celebrity and status. I will not apologize for wanting more, aspiring to place such FEVER to a more deserving productive pursuit.

Escapism is something we all engage in on varying levels. However, this isn’t a fiction film, these people actually live a life which shows no relationship to anything real or concrete. This fairy tale perception all the more astounding, given how past incarnations have shown themselves to be very ORDINARY in practice, SURELY the ILLUSION we’ve moved past? Why do people cry when the meet Kate, she’s a person, she’s not a god, a deity, she’s done nothing of consequence, the reaction is confounding.

Last week I went see a band labelled the "gods of grunge". I cheered, I clapped, I hooted, because I loved the music, but not once did I look at Chris Cornell and feel emotion just to be in his presence. Just some guy with a great voice, but full of warts, no different than anyone in the audience, enjoying his talents, but not entertaining his celebrity. 

As a society, if we are to PROGRESS, we have to get beyond worshipping superficial distinctions, we can respect talent without this reverence and obsession. When it comes to the Royals- who’s celebrity isn’t even hinged on some objective talent or skill- the need to reaccess the fascination all the more demanding. I don’t dislike Will and Kate as people, but they are not interesting or compelling. I’m not impressed with their carefully choreographed itinerary, used to maximize personal appeal. 

There is absolutely nothing about the Monarchy that has appeal for a modern democratic society. The entity is predicated on so many notions that we’ve strived to evolve from, as a historical artifact relevant, but part of the future, almost unimaginable from where I sit. I will never look at William as "my king", just the notion causes a gag reflex. I don’t need a king, a sovereign to "rule" over me from his throne. I share the historical importance, but at some point a society becomes shackled by its inability to shed tradition. I enjoy going to old historic sites, watching people dressed in traditional garb recreating past realities, it’s fascinating and important context. The trouble with today’s Royals, it’s like one of those tours but the actors never take off the costumes, nor does the audience fully digest it’s pretend. 

As this tour comes to end, from my perspective, it’s more a psychology thesis on celebrity and superficiality, rather some terrific statement on why the Monarchy is still relevant in Canada. People are free to disagree, I respect other perspectives, but from here, this tour can’t end soon enough 🙂

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