Media should stop RIM Bashing

Whenever I look in the mainstream media, they are always showing the negative side of RIM. For the record, everyone I know has a blackberry.  The media must change its narrative.
Some may feel the blackberry is an endangered species. Instead of bashing a Canadian company, the media should encourage RIM to diversify their products. Firstly, encourage the company to produce iPhones. If iPhones have a quarter market shares and that increases next year, then RIM should not only produce blackberries, but go into the iPhone market too.  Secondly, RIM needs to leverage their enterprise instant message service and improve the playbook to include BBM. Focus on what they are good at – secure corporate communication.
Such thinking would help save a major Canadian company that supplies high tech jobs and safeguard investments.  It is easy to be negative.  We must remember a lot of people work in the service industries that support the RIM workers. There’s a trickledown effect.  RIM employs about 8,000 of the 500,000 people living in the Kitchener-Waterloo region, not the only game in town. RIM made $250 million net profit on $5 billion sales last quarter.  Yes, the company is still making money.

RIM doesn’t employ all the tech workers. There is something like 25,000 to 30,000 people working for tech companies in Waterloo.  RIM in is not the new Nortel.   This company is still making money and it has a lot of revenue streams and they have huge cash holdings.  The only thing that could cause job loses is fear mongering by the media.

Lastly, look at the two Universities in Waterloo and how great of an impact they have on the community. RIM has contributed a lot to the University of Waterloo.   The University is expanding its well respected computer research facilities.   If they can create a blackberry that almost can bring an NHL team to the city, they can do anything!
Paul Collins, author of Mack Dunstan’s Inferno/ Mystery of Everyman’s Way
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  1. This is a bit of a poorly written article. How does RIM begin creating iPhones? Dcomment_ID the author mean an iPhone like phone but from RIM?

    Also, about diversifying products? RIM has one of the most diversified handsets on the market, intact this might be a reason why they are being criticized…it’s just too difficult for developers to create anything. Too many screen sizes on phones that look similar.

    Now, I agree with the author about the mainstream media just giving it to RIM for everything. But that’s what sell papers. Just look at the Globe and Mails new RIM section – its full of negativity and one scomment_IDed arguments.

    I think that no other handset comes close to the Blackberry & BES in terms of security, but then again I’m basing my opinion on things I’ve read on Gartner and Nielsen. I’m just waiting for the day some Androcomment_ID or IoS system gets hacked and confcomment_IDential emails leak out.

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