Progressive Bloggers are really Regressive Bloggers!

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Progressive Bloggers has always been a fairly tribal, divided site, bordering on periodic bursts of nonsensical. As a blogger, I’m not really afraid, or give much concern to stepping on toes, offending other partisans. However, when you have a site which uses voting as a measure of prominence and stature, this approach isn’t necessarily ideal. I know the game well, I’ve been blogging for years, I can guarantee which posts from certain people will get high vote rating, it isn’t rocket science how da Prog Blogs works. I also know that the system on Prog Blogs lends itself to esoteric reaffirmation, as well as a certain alienation should one take opinions outside of majority want. That’s fine I suppose, the nature of a voting system will always degenerate, not necessarily a statement on substance, more about agreement. I remember the days when any post that slagged Jason Cherniak was sure to solicit high votes, rationale or strength of argument completely and utterly irrelevant. I see the same thing on that site now in reverse, but I’ll refrain from being more specific.

Why? Well god forbid I make another enemy, because the new Progressive Bloggers now allows people to give out ONE’S to posts, not just vote for what they like. I suppose you can convince yourself this is an advancement, but given how that place operates, the pitfalls are glaringly obvious. Oh, there is that asshole Steve V again, I hate that pompous windbag, no way he is getting a top post for the day, here’s a ONE nimrod. Oh, there’s my ally slagging the Liberals, it’s important that gets prominence because I actually think a score on Prog Blogs will help our cause, here you go sister a FIVE. Anyone who doesn’t think this is not how the site will operate is kidding themselves, we already have evidence of such with the current system, this one will only put more focus.

Progressive Bloggers looks like a popularity contest now from here, and not necessarily based on merit, but rather affiliations, alliances, political bias and agenda. It’s simply human nature to vote up what reflects your personal opinion, heap scorn on anything that challenges or contradicts your sensibilities. Are we looking to create a circle jerk of self congratulating confirmation or a healthy debate, that respects opposing points of views? You can already see certain bloggers who choose their subject matter with voting or the acceptance that translates to, in mind.

The new system puts even more emphasis on voting that prior, which means more energy spent on voting wars as political proxy. In my world, getting votes on Prog Blogs is about the last consideration when I post, who I piss off or offend equally irrelevant. It’s all about your opinion, and self censoring to avoid conflict or ranting in the name of perceived reaffirmation, what’s the point really? 

I predict this move will be regressive in the end, so colour me somewhat disappointed. That’s my opinion, ONE it up 🙂

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