‘Nobel’ for Obama’s Courage

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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The Nobel Peace Prize for 2009 was presented to the US President Barack Hussein Obama in Oslo on December 10. Obama is the third US President to get the prestigious prize after Theodore Roosevelt (1906) and Woodrow Wilson (1919). On October 9 this year, when the Nobel Prize committee declared the name of Obama for the peace prize, a controversy started around the world. While the people supporting Obama’s policies were happy and excited by the announcement, many voices of criticism were also heard from many countries including America itself. But there was unanimity on the fact that Obama never pursued for the prize, rather he himself was surprised. Obama himself felt that there might be people more deserving than him for the prize.

Anyhow, once again a debate is started after December 10, whether the awarding of prize to Obama was justifiable. In fact hitherto the recipients of Nobel Peace Prize have been those people who have done something substantial for the world peace. Critics are wondering what Obama has done in his short tenure of 9 months, on the basis of which he was selected for the prize in October. The Nobel Peace Prize committee has tried to honour that extraordinary commitment of Obama according to which Obama has vowed to protect the human rights in present chaotic circumstances and establish world peace and justice. Here we should remember that Iran is that country which the previous US President George Bush called as ‘Axis of Evil’. But after change of guard in the US, there seems a substantial reduction in tensions between the US and Iran. There seems a possibility of direct talks between both the countries. The biggest proof of this is the statement of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad, which he gave in October as a reaction of the announcement of the Nobel to Obama. In the statement, the Iranian President said they believe that with this prize, Obama would be inspired to establish justice in the world.

Imagine if unfortunately, President Bush would have been able to get the prize according to his wishes, whether the same reaction would have come from Iran? The enmity between Iran and Israel and the US’ blind support to Israel since last three decades, is responsible for the present danger to world peace. In such circumstances, it is an uncommon thing that within a short time in office of Obama administration, things have started improving in the entire world, with the exception of Afghanistan and Pakistan. And Nobel to Obama is again being criticized vis-à-vis his military policy in Afghanistan.

This is mere a coincidence that Obama is awarded the greatest peace prize at a time when he has announced to send 30000 more troops to Afghanistan to fight the Taliban. By linking this decision to Obama’s Nobel Prize, the critics have started calling him ‘War President’. But the truth is that whatever challenges the Obama administration and the people of USA are facing, is due to the faulty policies of George Bush. As far as defeating the Taliban is concerned, the decision to send 30000 additional troops is essential in view of deteriorating conditions in Afghanistan and resurgence of the Taliban. The world should no forget the cruelty of the Taliban with which it destroyed the huge statues of the world’s biggest peace messenger, Lord Buddha in Bamiyan province in April 2001. They are publicly insulting and torturing women, opposing education and schools. They are involve in kidnapping, robbery, poppy trade and smuggling etc. These cruel Taliban’s are not only the enemies of Islam, Afghanistan, Pakistan or Muslims, rather the entire world and humanity is threatened by these devils.

Therefore, to treat these enemies of peace with iron hands is the need of the hour. Though the world is watching and understanding that it is not easy to fight and control Taliban. Some strategic analysts are even seeing Afghanistan as another Vietnam for the US. But ignoring all these opinions, Obama has taken this daring decision to send more troops to Afghanistan so as to control Taliban and establish world peace. This decision to send more troops to Afghanistan should not be seen in the light of the ‘Clash of Civilisations’ concept of Bush regime, rather it should be seen by impartial and peace loving eyes. The present conditions of Pakistan and Afghanistan are not hidden from the world. Those who kill the devotees during prayer session, kill themselves by suicide bombing, can’t be called human beings.
The end of these man-killers is an important step in the direction of peace. The entire peace loving world should welcome the decision taken by the Obama administration, of sending more troops to Afghanistan. The world should also accept that even though the Nobel to Obama might not be for any visible action in direction of peace but the way of diplomacy he is using to achieve peace, is truly commendable. Therefore it can be said that the prize for Obama is not for any creative step, but this prize is for his extraordinary courage to achieve world peace.

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