Bragging about your sex life threatens disability benefits

This article was last updated on June 18, 2022

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Wanting sex 1,440 times a day may turn heads with judges and government officials
“I am a writer/poet, artist, sculptor, musician, wood artist, wordsmith, businesswoman, mother, ex-wife, retired postal worker, driver, fragrance designer, student, photographer, jokester, painter, and furniture designer. …acts like she is 32, her love meter reads “inferno,” and she thinks about sex 1440 times a day” Social Security Disability Blog

It’s good for the disabled to have a positive self-image and sex life but some people who adjudicate Social Security might think she is faking.
You need to be positive and promote yourself on dating sites like LavaLife but the downside is your enemies may think you are not disabled.
Posting about your fun activities as a disabled person struggling to get by in life may be a pastime that costs you benefits. Some judges, claims adjudicators and insurance companies have been using Facebook and other social media to find out if you are cheating on your claim.
As the Jonathan Ginsberg, a disability lawyer, says in his article
So, if you use Facebook or mySpace or any of the hundreds of other social media sites, I strongly recommend that you spend a little time learning about the privacy features, and that you restrict access to your profile to people who you know well. You should also keep in mind that anything you post or do on-line may reappear, so be very careful about your on-line activities. Can Your Facebook Profile Hurt Your Social Security Disability Case
Make your Facebook profile private and protect yourself. Make it private from everyone but your real friends and that does not include you ex-spouse, or past friends who might be jealous
and try to turn you in.
Don’t laugh. I get email weekly from nut balls who think I am pretending to be disabled. There is a significant part of the population who display latent hostility and anger towards the disabled in general.
I call also report that I get two or three emails a year from unhappy ex-wives or ex-friends who would like nothing better than to mess up a former friend’s claim. A couple of years ago, I represented a claimant who was approved, but then had his approval withdrawn when a former friend sent links to his web site to Social Security, which then triggered an investigation. Can Your Facebook Profile Hurt Your Social Security Disability Case
Facebook and social media are one of the few regular social outlets for someone too weak to use more than two fingers. Not many people will put a sad sack face on the Internet. Who wants to read that kind of profile? People will put their best foot forward, talking about their hobbies and other fun activities.
One time I put on a social site I like mountain climbing and downhill skiing along with my picture in a wheelchair. I have a twisted sense of humor so what? Only a few people got the joke so I changed my profile to bed sitter. Then I changed it to trouble maker and people finally believed me. :)

Being disabled is not fraudulent
This article is not intended to help fraud artists who are only a tiny fraction of the 55 million Americans and Canadians with disabilities needing assistance. However, there is a negative thought process in the establishment working to deny Social Security and other benefits to the disabled. We are branded shirkers or malingers which is another form of hatred displayed towards the disabled.
I don’t know anyone who would chose to be disabled. It’s not fun. We’d all rather be working and making a decent living not scrounging to live at the poverty line.
If you are disabled you, know what activity you’d like to do but can’t. Some days we want to rage against life but that’s a waste of time. My friends says I’m lucky to be able to advocate for the disabled and prick a pin in politicians and the pompous. Now that’s a sense of humor.
That official attitude of denial caused 16,000 Americans with disabilities to die in 2007 before they could get a claim processed. The system works to deny not accept claims.
More than 700,000 Americans are waiting for benefits. Of all the social programs, Social Security Disability and the Canadian CP Disability are the hardest to get. Is that fair?

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