Railing Against Religion

This article was last updated on June 18, 2022

I hate religion. I make no bones about it in real life, and I will make no bones about it here. I despise ALL organized religion. Religion has done nothing positive for humanity that secularism couldn’t have done. In fact, religion has done nothing but hurt society, primarily by hurting women. The whole Sharron Angle thing is the straw that broke the back of politeness for me. 
This religious wing-nut has basically said that a little girl who gets pregnant by rape should make lemons out of lemonade. In other words, no abortion for her because "God has a plan." Well guess fucking what Angle, there is NO SUCH THING AS GOD! He is imaginary, just like unicorns, Santa and the Tooth Fairy. He is in your head! Since he is in your head, you need to keep His/your "plans" the fuck off my body. I am so sick of the rights of women and gays, hellany minority group, being trampled on by the religious right.
Religion is what drives people to do the most cruel and inhumane things (see  e.g. the Spanish Inquisitionthe Crusadesthe civil war in Ireland9/11, the list goes on); which is the complete opposite of what they claim to be doing! All the protesters outside my clinic are religious. They use this imaginary friend as an excuse to harass and yell at women who just want to be left alone. Here is a good rule to follow if you are religious: keep your hands to yourself! I don’t want to hear you preaching, I don’t want you imposing your moral code on my body, I want to be left alone!

 Religion allows doctors and pharmacists to refuse to do their jobs, allowing them to refuse women birth control and Plan B because it is "against their conscience." Religion does nothing but hurt women.

Religion demonizes sex, women, homosexuals, other religions; really anything or anybody that doesn’t conform to each particular religion’s nonsense. In the 21st century, women are still banned from important roles in most churches. In 2010, people are using myths to justify denying women equality and it has got to end.
In conclusion, if you believe in God, go and read Richard Dawkins, The God Delusion. Get rid of your imaginary friend and grow up. Atheism is the new enlightenment. In the future, we are going to look back on this period of religiosity the same way we look back on slavery. If you want a list of some excellent atheist blogs, take a look at my list. Try and start from the position that there is no such thing as God, then search for proof that He exists, rather than telling atheists to disprove God. We can’t disprove something that has no proof to support it in the first place!
I feel much better after getting that anger off my chest. If you are offended, please refer to my first post for a disclaimer with respect to my atheism.
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  1. Thanks! I was quite nervous about allowing this one to be comment_approved but in the end I deccomment_IDed it needs to be sacomment_ID.

  2. I believe you just sacomment_ID what many of us atheists feel. Good for you. Religion is bunk, pure and simple. I forget the exact quote and who actually sacomment_ID it but it goes something like this and I whole heartedly agree.
    “No one will ever truely be free until the last emperor is strangled with the entrails of the last priest.”
    I just don’t understand how people can put so much faith in ancient texts written by goat herders that lived in tents 3,000 years ago. I find it harder and harder every day to respect theists and their whacky superstitions…I mean beliefs.

  3. You are absolutely right. How much longer are we going to allow the Catholic church to keep secret files and operate under their own laws when it comes to the sexual abuse of children? And Sharia law – does anyone seriously think that’s a step forward? We should look at religions like we do criminal organizations – starting with “arresting the pope”

  4. What do you say about the fact that the most egregious violator of women’s reproductive rights in modern times wasn’t a God-bothering right-wing government but an officially atheistic left-wing one (i.e. Communist Romania)?

  5. I just wanted to say: what do you make of the fact that the worst violator of women’s reproductive rights in recent times was not a God-bothering right-wing regime but a left-wing officially atheistic state (i.e. Romania)?

  6. @Emilia, I do not know enough about the situation in Romania to comment_content, but I do disagree with you. The Roman Catholic Church rules Brazil and abortions are completely inaccessible in almost every instance. Communism, like a dictatorship, is very similar to religion in application, the “god” that is worshiped is just different. Secular countries such as the Nordic countries are the best places in the world to be a woman.

  7. I notice she conveniently skips all Wars of the twentieth century, because they were all secular based. Even 9/11 was not directly about Religion but about occupation by foreign powers. The palestinian conflict is about secular powers occupying once again.

    There have been almost no wars related to religion, but religion is used as a thin cover for greed! just as democracy communisim and anything else that can be used for people greedy for power and wealth!

  8. Comparing Brazil to Communist Romania, give me a break! I don’t agree with Brazil’s ban on abortions (I’m pro-choice), but contraception and sterilization are legal there, whereas they weren’t in Romania under Communism.

    Sorry, but words like yours are why I find much of the Left today irrelevant.

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