CBC Is Diverting Your Attention From Their Waste And Misspending

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

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The CBC is carefully pointing the finger at waste and mismanagement in the Senate to avoid their own scandals

By Stephen Pate – CBC has changed it’s focus from direct attacks on Senator Mike Duffy to denouncing the Senate. CBC reporter Terry Milewski’s charges against the Senate can easily be made against the CBC itself.

His story is the kettle calling the pot black. The CBC misrepresents Canadians by spending 37 times more on PEI than major parts of Canada. CBC has expense scandals and sex scandals beyond anything in the Senate.

It appears Duffy may be exonerated in his trial on criminal charges. The CBC needs a new whipping boy. Forget Mike Duffy – the scandal is the Senate opines CBC this morning.

“If Sen. Mike Duffy’s defense is correct — and he may well be — then almost anything goes in Canada’s farce of an upper chamber,” writes Terry Milewski. “Fly around to party fundraisers on the taxpayer’s dime? No problem. Pay your pals for “advice” on stuff they know little about? All within the rules. Bill for living expenses when you’re at home? Why not?”

Living expenses? The CBC’s CEO gets the CBC to pay for his perk of not living within a normal commute distance from his office. When that wasn’t enough, he cheated by claiming another $29,000 in travel expenses.

CEO Hubert Lacroix didn’t want to move from Montreal to Ottawa when he became the head of the CBC so the CBC agreed to pay his commuting expenses.

Next time you get a job offer in a city far from your current location, try negotiating for living expenses when you decide to show up for work.

The CBC, a government-funded crown corporation, has its own waste and mismanagement. The CBC spends 4 million a year to defend itself from defamation lawsuits, sex abuse human rights scandals and other lawsuits. That’s a lot of money for legal fees.

The Ghomeshi sex scandal is one of the worst in Canadian history and taxpayers funded it and will continue to pay the bills for years as legal costs mount.

Does the Senate under-represent Canadians by population? So does the CBC.

“British Columbia has one senator for every 780,000 residents — six seats for more than 4.6 million people,” writes Milewski. “So each Prince Edward Islander gets 21 times — 21 times! — more representation in the Senate than each British Columbian.”

CBC is just as inept at representing Canadians. Hamilton Ontario is a major metropolitan area of 720,000. It has a mere 7 CBC employees and no on-air presence to report the news. That’s 1 CBC employee for every 100,000 people to put the news on a blog.

PEI has only 135,000 population and slightly more than 50 CBC employees, a huge building and TV and radio broadcasts in 2 languages. That’s one CBC employee for every 2,700 population, a ratio that reflects an even more atrocious ratio of 37 times the number of employees compared with Hamilton.

Let’s have the CBC start reporting its own scandals and waste and cleaning up its act. That is not likely to happen. CBC is refusing to release any incriminating information.  Reality Check – CBC Freedom of Information Double Standards

Keep reporting on government waste CBC but don’t forget your own backyard.

By Stephen Pate, NJN Network

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  1. I have long decried that the CBC is such a waste and a drain on the citizenry of Canada for the benefit of just a few. Its has long been known that this outlet is a media tool used by certain so called elite think groups and political members to dercomment_IDe political indivcomment_IDuals and parties not in line or favorable to the continuation of the cbc’s extravagant existence, or the spread of its comment_content_IDeological message. The fact that it now rails against the existence of the senate, when just a couple of yrs ago it spewed its venomous bile against the conservative government for even contemplating such an comment_content_IDea, in my view is ample evcomment_IDence that this organization serves only the elites it sees as having a political comment_content_IDeology which benefits its agenda. Anyone who has ever taken a journalism course knows this agency flies against all good unbiased journalistic ethics, and is such a sham it should be closed and gotten rcomment_ID of at the earliest opportunity. This organization truly does a disservice to ALL Canadians.

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