Conservatives Ad Campaigns use Apathy As Advantage

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

This morning’s story, detailing a new advertising campaign from the government promoting tax cuts, comes on the heels of another item earlier this week, showing another Economic Action Plan ad ramp up. I think any independent observer would agree, relative to past governments, accepted norms, that these Conservatives spend OBSCENE amounts on advertising, advertising that is thinly veiled partisan propaganda.

There is no coincidence here, these various ad campaigns do "dovetail" the party ads, which taken together represent a blitz. The trouble is, obviously, WE are paying for these ads, particularly insulting the EAP ads pumping a program which the government is trying to "wind down". Is that good value for the taxpayer? The fact the government can and WILL get away with these ad buys, slotted for prime spots, is a testament to the role voter apathy plays in our political process. I would submit, a more engaged electorate would crucify these obnoxious expenditures, and yet this stuff goes on year after year and no evidence of any implication.

The Canadian Taxpayer Federations speaks out, but that organization rarely penetrates, their kneejerk reaction to everything and anything has rendered them mostly predictable background noise. We do have media stories, as the above links show, but they never seem to generate much outrage. The government is almost brazen here, even though any statistical measure shows a real problem. The Conservatives have made the right calculation, knowing they can push the envelope and face little backlash. These partisan ads, disguised as government business, are the classic example of how apathy can be used for full advantage.

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