Chef Jacques Pépin at Valley Performing Arts Center – Great Hall (Northridge, CA)

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

Master Chef and Julia Child Collaborator Jacques Pépin Speaks

Valley Performing Arts Center – Great Hall (Northridge, CA)

Even in a world crowded with “celebrity” chefs, true legends stand apart. Jacques Pépin is one of those legends, respected pretty much anywhere where good food is eaten and enjoyed. As a chef, his accomplishments are without equal: personal chef to Charles de Gaulle, dean of the French Culinary Institute and — perhaps most impressively — collaborator with the legendary Julia Child on several cookbooks and TV shows. Like so many others around the world, Child was equally charmed by both his genius in the kitchen and his ebullient personality. Now you can experience the master in person when he comes to the Valley Performing Arts Center to give his perspective on the fascinating world of culinary arts.

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