Nerd Nite Toronto XXXVIII

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Presentation 1: “All the Libraries of Toronto” by Daniel Rotsztain

Last summer, Daniel Rotsztain visited and illustrated every branch – all 100 of them – of the Toronto Public Library. The journey took him up river valleys, over highways, through neighbourhoods, and along the lakeshore to every corner of the city. The quest gave him the opportunity to examine the geographic breadth and cultural/architectural diversity of our library system up close. Daniel learnt, drew, photographed – and inhaled? – lots along the way, and he’d like to share some of those stories, and the thoughts and ideas that his project inspired.

Daniel Rotsztain is the Urban Geographer: an artist, writer and cartographer based in Toronto. He studied Urban Geography in Montreal, and has since lived and worked in Halifax and Amsterdam. Sometimes writing for Spacing Toronto and Now Magazine, his multi-media art practice encourages Torontonians to explore their city. Daniel’s current projects include hosting the Learnt Wisdom Lecture Series, illustrating various maps, and writing a book to accompany his illustrations of the branches of the Toronto Public Library.

Presentation 2: “Please Don’t Ask Me About 3D Printed Guns” by Derek Quenneville

Used for decades in industrial prototyping, 3D printing has emerged as a medium for art, fashion, construction, and lots of silly toys. Derek will discuss the exciting, weird, and life-affirming things that can be done with 3D printing… And what he hates being asked most.

Derek Quenneville is a 3D printing expert and digital fabrication artist in Toronto, Canada. He is currently Lead Maker at MakeLab, occasionally teaching at Toronto Public Library and giving talks around the city. Derek has introduced and demoed 3D printing to literally thousands of people at local events since 2009.


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