SHARAM ADDY at RED Friday May 22, 2015

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Theres a presence about Sharam that comes through in his music as well as his shows. Like any great relationship, you leave his show feeling as if youre a better person the Sharam experience. – PLAYBACK:stl

From underground classics like Texi, Get Wild and Don’t Say A Word, to scoring international chart toppers, like PATT Party All The Time and The One, Sharam’s musical credits are as dynamic as his DJ sets. His production collaborations include artists such as Kid Cudi, Shakira, Patsy Cline, Chris Martin and Daniel Bedingfield just to name a few. He seamlessly navigates between hypnotic underground sets rooted in his rich history of house and techno, while entertaining younger dance enthusiasts of today with laser like focus and dedication to quality. His motto remains ‘entertain while educate’. His sound is Ibiza in Vegas. His style is limitless.

Dj Addy

DJ/Producer Addy, is a veteran of the Canadian scene and has risen trough the ranks of Toronto’s thriving underground. His sound is defined by originality, creativity, exceptional technique, universal appeal and an uncanny ability to read a crowd, thrusting every dance floor into a euphoric frenzy. A product of the 90s rave movement and mentored by its founding fathers, Addy developed an innate talent through dedication, attention to detail and a willingness to experiment.

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