Toronto Zombie Walk Funeral and Wake

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Dear Zombies,

You are respectfully invited to attend the funeral of The Toronto Zombie Walk on the 29th day of August. Services are free and start at 12pm at the Royal Cinema.

Let us ask that this be a celebration of the afterlife and that The Toronto Zombie Walk will rest in pieces, as we remember the times that rampant hordes of flesheaters devoured the living of Toronto while the rivers of blood ran plentiful through the city streets. The carnage reaped upon the city shall never be forgotten and that is why we encourage you to bring photos, stories, and other ghoulish memories for our coffin. The burial of the coffin will be at an undisclosed location for a future unveiling.

Let us not see this as a somber occasion, but as a step in the process of resurrection, so let us celebrate and bring the FUN to our funeral. Please join us after our SCARYmony for a procession to the wake at the CNE. There zombies will be treated with thousands of carnival goers to feast upon. Let us not mourn, but enjoy the screams from the Scar-us wheel, Grave-a-tron and the bumper coffins. Enjoy the delicacies of Funnel brain, deep fried limbs, and rotten candy. We looks forward to celebrating with you.

The first 100 funeral attendees to leave a memory in our coffin will receive a free ticket for the exhibition that day. You must be dressed in undead attire to receive this deal!

Keep your eyeballs peeled as more details on exact park location are to be announced.

In loving Memory,

The Toronto Zombie Walk

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