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Oil companies continue to get burned by low oil prices, but the pain is bleeding over into the financial industry. Major banks are suffering huge losses from both directly backing some struggling oil companies, but also from buying high-yield debt that is now going sour.

The Wall Street Journal reported
How Equity-based Compensation Misaligns the Interests of Shareholders and Management   In today's corporate world, most of us are aware that executive compensation has grown astronomically over the past two decades with most of the growth coming in the form of either stock options or bonus schemes that involve equities.  While the alleged reason that companies took this route
While the world's economy teetered on the edge in 2009, the great minds at the Federal Reserve could still see humour in the pain.  Recently released transcripts from the Federal Reserve's 2009 Federal Open Market Committee meetings show us that the world's most powerful central
Are the Russians coming to Texas riding the tailwinds of fracking? That depends on who you ask, as some believe Russian forces were behind the anti-fracking vote in Denton, while a $15 million investment in new Texas fracking technology by Roman Abramovich perhaps tells another story.

When the
If you have been following the price of oil over the last few months, the chances are you're a little confused. On the one hand you have the likes of A. Gary Shilling who, in this Bloomberg article, loudly trumpets the prospect of oil at $10/Barrel, and on the other there is T. Boone Pickens,

The oil markets are showing some life, having rallied 11 percent over a two-day period. But if a bigger rebound is not around the corner, it won’t just be oil companies that will be feeling the pain: their lenders will also face some steep losses if drillers can’t come up with the cash

Increasing Demand For Refined Products Will Increase Oil Prices

In last week's article I posted a chart from the International Energy Agency'srecent Oil Market Report that shows global demand for refined products catching up to supply by the 3rd quarter of this year. My opinion is that all of the analysts who are now blaming the sharp drop in oil prices on a

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