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Wall Street and Washington You Scratch My Back and I'll Scratch Yours    We keep hearing about various presidential candidates, particularly Hillary Clinton, and their connections to Wall Street but few of us are aware just how significant a role in actual dollars that the securities and investment industry plays in Washington.  A recent analysis by the Center
Inventories will continue to rise, but the momentum is slowing.
The following are some observations as to how we got here and how we're gonna get out.

9 reasons why oil has taken so long to bottom:

1. OPEC increased production in 2015 to multiyear highs, principally in Saudi Arabia and recently spoke with Carl Larry, Director of Oil and Gas at Frost & Sullivan, a consultancy that conducts research on oil and gas markets, to get his thoughts on the state of oil in 2016. I saw that you were on Bloomberg in December, and you said that you thought oil
The Federal Reserve's Treasury Dilemma    While everyone focuses on whether the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates again in 2016, one aspect of the Fed's actions are being pretty much ignored as you will see in this posting.   Let's look at what has happened to the Federal Reserve's balance sheet since
Oil prices jumped on the first trading day of 2016 as Middle East tension outweighed a selloff in financial markets around the world.

Oil markets remain oversupplied and depressed, but geopolitical flashpoints have a historical tendency to disrupt market trends. Over the weekend, Saudi Arabia
The Q Ratio and Stock Market Valuations   Way back in June, I posted a brief article on Tobin's Q, a measure that gives us a good idea of whether stock market valuations are fair.  Here is an update with more recent data.   As background, Tobin's Q (aka the Q Ratio) was developed by 1981
What is Earnings Growth Telling Us About the Health of the U.S. Economy?    While third quarter preliminary GDP numbers look fair at best, showing growth at 2.1 percent, some key statistics show that the economy may be showing signs that are worrisome, most particularly corporate profits.  Data from Factset shows us how weak Corporate America's earnings have

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