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U.S. Oil Glut An EIA Invention?   In the latest weekly production data from the EIA, on the back of recent March revisions, the U.S. managed to post a 76,000 barrel per day increase in the lower 48. Production from Alaska fell by 61,000 barrels per day, putting overall U.S. output 15,000 barrels per day higher for the week ending
Why Warren Buffett Bet A Billion On Solar    Miles Per Acre Per Year

During the late innings of the ICE-age (as in the Internal Combustion Engine age) it has become clear that feeding gasoline and diesel to the next billion new cars is not going to be easy, or cheap. In China alone, 500 million new vehicles can be expected to jam the roads
As stated previously, asset monetization by small E&P operators will start in earnest in the second half of this year out of cash flow necessity. Most, if not all, smaller market capitalization companies, public or private, are still free cash flow negative (operating cash flow less capital
The Buffett Ratio and the Current Stock Market Valuations   In the mainstream media, those who contribute to the financial pages are starting to publish stories expressing concerns about the relatively lofty valuations in the stock market.  One measure that gets very little attention is the ratio of the market value of United States companies to the
Tobin's Q What is it Telling Us About Stock Market Valuations?   In the 1960s, 1981 Economic Nobel Laureate James Tobindeveloped an interesting measure which gives us a sense of stock market valuations and whether the stock market is overvalued or fairly valued.  The ratio was developed based on Dr. Tobin's hypothesis that companies should be worth
Monsanto's Past and Our Food Supply   As most of us are aware, Monsanto is a major supplier of the world's food through its corn, cotton, canola and soybean seed (germplasm) business.  The company had net sales of $15.855 billion in 2014 and net income of $2.74 billion and has set a long-term target of
The Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) new mercury pollution regulations that took effect last month opened the flood gates for a new multi-billion-dollar energy industry that has investors scrambling to get in on second-generation technology poised for massive revenue gains.

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