Inside details of Amitabh Bachchan’s (unwanted) 75th birthday bash

Amitabh Bachchan’s (unwanted) 75th birthday bash

This October India’s biggest movie star ever— and there are no two ways about it—turns 75. For reasons he won’t spell out Mr Bachchan has announced there will be no birthday celebrations this time.

“Just not allowed. Nope. No bash. No party. No celebration,” Mr B told me when I asked.

So is that final?? Well, no. The family never known to take his stubborn decisions too seriously will go right ahead with a grand birthday bash.

“They had a huge 60th birthday and 70th birthday bash. 75 is an important age too. For some reason he (Mr B) has decided he won’t ‘allow’ any 75th birthday celebration. Which is absurd. The family has come up with two celebration options. Either the Bachchans will move out of Mumbai for a family get-together. Or else they will have a get-together in Mumbai for close family and friends,” says a family friend.

“Close family and friends” means a guest list of at least 150 people which the immediate family has already started planning.

Opinion on whether the 75th birthday bash should happen is divided within the Bachchan household. “While wife Jaya feels the family should comply with the patriarch’s will to keep it low-key this Friday, Abhishek and Aishwarya are planning a relatively restrained birthday party for Mr Bachchan,” says the family friend.

The question is why is Mr Bachchan so adamant not to have a bash this time? Could it just be a desire to be on his own this time, away from the crowds who throng the Bachchan residence on his birthday?

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