Nike to leave Russia in 2022


This article was last updated on June 23, 2022

Because of the conflict in Ukraine, Nike has also decided to leave Russia.

On Thursday, Nike declared that it will no longer be operating in Russia. The conflict in Ukraine is the cause for their departure.

The withdrawal isn’t a complete surprise, as the brand had already ceased all Russian operations three months prior. To give one example, all of the company’s own retail locations were shut. According to the sports brand, the outlets that remain open are run by unaffiliated partners.

Nike has stated that their current focus is on its employees. In a statement, the business stated, “We want to fully assist them as we properly wind down our activities in the coming months.

Nike came after other well-known western companies like McDonald’s, Ikea, and Google. They also left Russia as a result of Ukraine’s invasion. A few McDonald’s restaurants have already reopened under new names and logos, despite the chain’s bankruptcy.

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