Finding a Job with a Disability

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This article was last updated on September 11, 2023

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Struggles for People with Disabilities in Finding Employment

Despite companies grappling with a chronic shortage of staff, individuals with disabilities continue to face hurdles when it comes to finding work. According to new figures from Cedris, the association that advocates for an inclusive labor market, last year saw a decrease of 3,400 individuals with disabilities entering the workforce compared to the previous year.

An Uphill Battle in the Job Search

Out of the 260,000 people with disabilities registered last year to find employment, approximately half, 125,000, were unable to secure jobs at social development companies. These organizations specialize in assisting people with disabilities in their job search and retention efforts.

Inequality in Support from Municipalities

While these companies receive support from municipalities, Cedris highlights that the level of assistance varies greatly. It is alarming that some municipalities offer significantly more support than others. This discrepancy paints a concerning picture.

The Influence of Political Will

Mohamed El Mokaddem, chairman of Cedris, emphasizes that the options available to people with disabilities depend on the political will of each municipality. It is inexplicable that individuals are left on the sidelines due to insufficient guidance, especially given the current labor shortages.

Insufficient Hours and Earnings

Another issue highlighted by Cedris is the limited working hours for those with disabilities, resulting in lower earnings. On average, individuals work 28.7 hours per week, earning 445 euros less per month than the minimum wage. It is essential to address this issue as these employees deserve to live without financial worries, El Mokaddem emphasizes.

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