Crypto-studio to launch new Mobile App and Desktop platform for Social Cryptocurrency Trading

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Crypto-Studio St. Johns Antigua (CS) a think tank lab of developers and experts whose experience lie in blockchain, cryptography and the payment processing industries.  CS has an exciting year planned and will be introducing new technology to the market for the crypto-currency industry.  Register now to participate in the soft launch at

CryptoMatchup (CMU) to be launched in Q2 of 2018 is a Mobile and Web App where you can find fellow crypto enthusiasts to matchup and make trades offsite in the manner the best suits your personal needs. No fees- just a free social platform designed to bring together crypto fanatics like ourselves.

Last year (2017) was the year of cryptocurrencies and Initial Coin Offerings (ICO’s) where the combined market cap rose over 1600% breaking the US$300 billion mark with the top 5 cryptos being Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin. Unfortunately, most of these “ICO’s” were just a mechanism to raise money for the coin Companies and were not connected to any form of asset, or have intrinsic value. Actually, it has been reported by Dr. Craig Wright one of the apparent geniuses behind Bitcoins creation, that 47% of these ICO’s will be dead and gone within 1 year after they started their offering. My recommendation is to be very careful investing in these instruments as most are unregulated and could be downright illegal.

What does all this mean to the average Joe? Probably not much but unless your living in Siberia or the Antarctic you probably know someone who has or at least heard of the many people who have benefitted from this meteoric rise. Most are still sitting on the sidelines contemplating whether or not to take part, or as some call it “FOMO” which stands for the “Fear of Missing Out”. The good news here is many famous Economists and Wall Street big shots say Bitcoin alone may hit $250,000 within the next 5 years. This writer believes there are still incredible gains to be made so get over your FOMO soon!

How does a rookie buy these cryptocurrencies? The most common is through an exchange. I won’t begin to list them all as there are at least 25 in the USA alone (Coinbase, Local Bitcoins, Bitstamp) just to name a few. I won’t lie to you; most of these exchanges require KYC (Know Your Customer) requirements and may not even accept fiat money transfers from your bank. KYC definitely kills the anonymity that was expected by most in this “decentralized currency world”. There still are some exchanges that offer anonymity, but not many, and regardless who you choose there will be fees and charges incurred.

Fast forward to CryptoMatchup, (CMU) a technology that enables YOU, the people, to decide who to buy/trade or sell to, how the transaction actually happens, as well the choice of payment methods. CMU has created a solution to help you meet other “crypto-fans” who have the same goal as you.                     

CMU through its Mobile and Web App allows you to search for others in your geographical area across the globe so you can “Matchup” and facilitate your own transactions however you both agree. The beauty of this, CMU is free to join and does not charge fees for these transactions unlike the others, actually they don’t even know if you transact as CMU is NOT an exchange! Pre-register now and become an early adopter in the “social cryptocurrency world”.

About Crypto-Studio – A full service technology provider from conception to deployment. Our team consists of Blockchain, Payment and Digital Currency experts who assist our clients to invent and create new applications based upon Blockchain technology. We go beyond digital currency, and implement Blockchain into many verticals including supply chain, gaming, and environmental applications just to name a few.  We provide an encryption platform with the highest level of security that meets the compliance requirements of the Payment and Healthcare industries as well as Governmental regulations.

Crypto-Studio operates around the clock to ensure your IT environment runs smoothly and efficiently. We use a combination of proactive remote monitoring, automated system management, and on-site network support to protect our clients from data breaches and hackers.  Learn more about Crypto-Studio [].

From the Author Rob Harris

Rob is a Certified Bitcoin Professional, digital marketer and content creator from Canada who lives in the Caribbean. He has a background in financial services, marketing, event promotions and consults for multiple blockchain and cryptocurrency companies. Rob’s favorite cryptocurrency is Bitcoin Cash and believes BCH has stayed true to rights of Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision. Rob is a firm believer that blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies will disrupt existing industries and has the potential to revolutionize the world.


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