Kim Kardashian Made Jamaican Food & Twitter Is Being Very Judgmental About It

Celebrities can hardly do anything without social media offering commentary on it. Case in point this weekend: Kim Kardashian and Jamaican food. With the help of her nanny who is originally from the country, Kim took on making some classic Jamaican recipes including plantains, jerk chicken, and macaroni and cheese among others. In a Snapchat video, Kim is heard introducing each of the dishes as they are being prepared. “My Jamaican nanny has taught me how to make all of this,” she said as she showed off the traditional dishes. “Jerk chicken, jerk pork, and oxtail.” The second video shows her mother Kris, happily dancing away to “That’s What I Like” by Bruno Mars, and husband Kanye West enjoying the meal alongside a host of friends.

You can guess how Kim Kardashian taking on Jamaican food went down online: Twitter was not having it. As someone who supposedly hasn’t been to the grocery store in four years, many didn’t know what to make of her cooking. She received similar reactions when she cooked a “soul food” meal for her family last summer. Critiques of her cooking flooded Twitter no sooner than the videos had been shared on her Snapchat some funny, some simply bemused by her attempt.

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Many were quick to pass on Kim K’s interpretation of the popular dishes implying that they looked unappetizing.

Me looking at Kim K’s Jamaican food like

— Nikki Shariee Tucker (@nikkishariee) July 3, 2017

My face when Kim Kardashian posted her “Jamaican food” on Snapchat ??

— shae shae ❤️ (@sheadalove) July 2, 2017

Others were skeptical that Kim cooked it all herself, crediting the nanny for the hard work of preparing a meal for that many people.

So Kim Kardashian really about to try and tell me she cooked all that Jamaican food herself

— rain (@lulaidoll) July 3, 2017

can Kim stop pretending she’s cooking this food when it’s really a Jamaican nanny

— k ? (@arianaswhip) July 2, 2017

Furthermore, Twitter pointed out that one of the dishes was repeatedly being called by the wrong name. The dish that Kim was calling “rice and beans” is actually called “rice and peas.”

Kim cooking jamaican food on snap and called the rice and peas rice and beans lmfao

— ✨ (@guwopchild) July 2, 2017

Kim K got the nanny to make Jamaican food.
I know it was the nanny bc Kim called it “rice and beans”

— Tati Chin (@tatichin) July 3, 2017

I’m cringing at Kim Kardashian cooking Jamaican food on snap talking about “rice and beans”. ??‍♀️??‍♀️

— Rocky✨ (@GvldenUtopia) July 2, 2017

Kim and the rest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan have been called out for cultural appropriation in the past. While this is not the case in this instance, but rather simply trying out something new, Twitter still got pretty riled up about it. But we would like to remind everyone: you can’t taste food through social media. Judge away, if you must, but in the end, the proof of good cooking is usually how it tastes.

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