Safiya Nygaard Is Truly Fearless In This Epic Smoothie Challenge

The Results Of This Smoothie Challenge Will Surprise You

YouTube sensation Safiya Nygaard is definitely no stranger to trying mesmerizingly odd experiments for her audience. A quick glance at her viral channel, which boasts nearly 3 million followers, delivers a collage of hilarious challenges — like that time she casually melted all her nude lipsticks together to create a brand-new (and impressively flattering) color or shopping for an entire outfit while wearing a blindfold, just to name a few.

When Refinery29 staffer Lucie Fink met up with Safiya at 2017’s VidCon, there really was only one spectacle-worthy struggle left to undertake: YouTube’s most tummy-turning taste test, the Milkshake Challenge. Blindly picking ingredients ranging from soy sauce to Nutella out of an anonymous paper bag, Lucie and Safiya blended their very suspect concoctions, bravely taking a sip of the final product. While we definitely won’t be trying this one anytime soon, we’re giving some serious snaps to these intrepid ladies — and their (deceptively appetizing-looking) creations. Check out the entire epic challenge above — we’re already pinching our noses.

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