Kendall Jenner Had The Best Response To Someone Calling Out Her Acne

Not many stars would feel comfortable enough walking the red carpet with their biggest insecurities on full display — but that didn’t stop Kendall Jenner from doing just that at the 2018 Golden Globe Awards.

Ever since opening up about her struggle with acne in 2015, the supermodel stands as proof that celebs can be just like us — especially if you too are prone to a frustrating breakout every once in a while. Although Jenner explained then on her website that blemishes once made her incredibly self-conscious in public, it appears she’s no longer subscribing to that negativity. Case in point: When she stepped out at the awards show, and the internet almost instantly pointed out her barely visible acne, she immediately shut down the haters.

never let that shit stop you! ?✨

— Kendall (@KendallJenner) January 8, 2018

In fact, Jenner had the best response for acne shamers. When one Twitter user praised her confidence over her supposed imperfections, she replied: “Never let that shit stop you!” Even better, her positive reaction spawned a flood of tweets defending Jenner and her decision to not let an acne flare-up stop her from attending the Golden Globes.

Before mocking Kendall Jenner on her skin at the Golden Globes why not actually think about how having acne would make you feel. I have days where I won’t even leave the house unless I have to, for her to attend an event like that is inspiring to me, it shouldn’t be laughed at ?

— Bethanie Houghton (@bhoughtonxx) January 8, 2018

im not the biggest fan of kendall jenner but seriously? you’re really out here talking shit about her skin? you’re out here making fun of something that is a completely normal thing for everyone to go through? grow up. acne or not, she’s gorgeous.

— trista (@signofmyhes) January 8, 2018

Regardless of Kendall Jenner’s acne she is still one of the most beautiful girls ever. Some people are so insensitive to make degrading comments about a persons skin condition. Like it’s something people with acne have any CONTROL over. Acne shaming needs to stop.

— MAIA (@missmboric) January 8, 2018

Look I’m not a fan of Kendall Jenner st all she’s a headass and that’s facts but don’t make fun of her acne ???? She’s a human who has feelings and has struggled with her skin don’t assume cause she is famous she is expected to have perfect skin!!! We all get pimples idiots

— monique (@hesweetangell) January 8, 2018

Breakouts, no matter how big or small, can feel emotionally crippling. Forget all the pro hacks you try (even Jenner has a favorite natural spot treatment), sometimes hiding the bumps never feels like it’s doing enough. But Jenner, and other inspiring people on social media like Kali Kushner, getting real about the topic makes the struggle seem a little easier.

Considering the overarching theme of the Globes was about lifting women up, we couldn’t think of a better time for Jenner to speak out against society’s unrealistic beauty standards. As they say, sticks and stones may break your bones — but acne-shaming tweets should just go away already.

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