The One Thing You’ve Probably Never Noticed About Lady Gaga

Sometimes it’s hard to remember what the world was like before Lady Gaga. At just 32, the star has managed to accomplish more than most people can dream of in a lifetime. In the past year (and some change) alone, the artist formerly known as Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta made history as the first solo female headliner to hit Coachella in over a decade, and her 13-minute performance at the 2017 Super Bowl scaled the ranks to become the second-most watched Halftime Show in history.

But that doesn’t even begin to cover what Gaga is really known for: her bravery, her vulnerability, her willingness to take all kinds of risks, and her fearless approach to beauty. Even when she’s not dressed in raw meat or wearing soda cans as hair curlers, the avant-garde entertainer still manages to make a mark by wearing the latest, greatest makeup trends before they even appear on the rest of the world’s radar. Gaga is a trendsetter in every sense of the word — so, in honor of her birthday, we’ve rounded up the beauty trends she’s low-key mastered, with nary a meat dress in sight.

1. Dark Brows

Blonde hair and dark brows are a no-fail beauty combo — and one of Gaga’s signature looks.

Even with her lids decked out in neon-green shadow, it’s hard to ignore the face-framing feature.

2. Dramatic Wings

Remember thumbprint eyeliner? Gaga and her longtime go-to makeup artist Sarah Tanno were at the forefront of the unexpected beauty trend.

Although we’re used to Gaga bedazzling her entire eyelid, the subtle gemstone on the outer edge of her cat-eye makes the classic look feel new again.

3. Bold Lips

Hell might freeze over before you’ll ever catch Gaga wearing nude lipstick out and about. Thankfully, you can always count on the superstar to bring lacquered lips to your Instagram feed.

Gaga wears this vibrant shade of fuchsia so well, she practically makes it look like a neutral.

4. Glitter Shadow

Gaga likes to add a pop of the shimmer where you least expect it, like to highlight her upside-down eyeliner.

Or she skips the liner altogether and wears the boldest, brightest shade of glitter all over her lid.

5. No-Makeup Makeup

Lady Gaga doesn’t always look, well, gaga: The performer knows how to strip down her beauty look when necessary.

But still, catching her in a natural highlight and glossy lip balm feels more shocking than when she’s covered in rhinestone face tattoos.

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