Kathy Griffin Never Mentioned The Word “gay” In Front Of Anderson Cooper

For years, we watched Kathy Griffin go out of her way to avoid the word “gay” or any other homosexual reference when she was in the presence of Anderson Cooper. They started hosting CNN’s New Year’s Eve together in New York and as crazy as Kathy can be, she carefully considered every word while she was in his presence and avoided all gay jokes. Good for her. She wanted to be his friend and her diplomacy paid off. Now that he’s out of the closet she must be relieved, but we still don’t think she will dwell on the subject. However, we cannot help but dwell on the Kim Zolciak size wig Kathy is rocking in this photo. She obviously had it custom made to look exactly like her own hair – only more abundant and perfectly curled – good when you have to spend a lot of time outdoors in the cold…

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