Pregnant Kate Majors And Michael Lohan: A Match Made In Hell

Most disturbing news of the day is the fact that Lindsay Lohan’s whacked out substance abusing father Michael has impregnated his equally hopped up girlfriend/sparring partner Kate Majors. When they’re not beating each other up and calling the cops, they’re having seizures and checking in and out of rehab. Both have long rap sheets. Kate has been arrested several times for disorderly intoxication and had a restraining order against Michael when he got her pregnant. Kate, who was fired from Star magazine for taking up with Jon Gosselin, has no visible means of support except selling personal photos and info to tabloids. Michael is a deadbeat dad who can’t support his other kids. Maybe Kate figures she can sell stories about her BABY. It’s a revolting situation because they’re both hopelessly unfit to be parents.

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