Johnny Depp Is Back At His Home In France

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Johnny Depp Is Back At His Home In France

It’s been awhile, but Johnny Depp finally went back to his home in France. The visit started rumors of a reconciliation with his partner Vanessa Paradis but that would be presumptuous. Johnny has recently been linked with his 26 year old Rum Diary costar Amber Heard because she’s been visiting him on the Mexico set of his movie “The Lone Ranger.” Lately, it’s said they have taken “a break” from each other. Insiders feel it’s improbable that Johnny will get back together with Vanessa, and most likely he’s spending time at home with his children Jack, 10, and Lily, 13. Johnny and Vanessa remain cordial for the sake of the kids.

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