The Real Meaning Behind Taylor Swift’s Giant New Back Tattoo

We knew Taylor Swift was revamping her image for her seventh album, but a full-on back tattoo? Damn, girl.

Late on Thursday night, Swift debuted the single art for her latest song "You Need To Calm Down," from her forthcoming album, Lover. In it, Swift appears as we've never seen her before: Wearing a baby-pink bikini with her back turned to the camera, the "Me!" singer reveals a truly enormous tattoo that winds from just below her bra strap all the way up to her neck. The ink features a motif we've come to associate with Swift's new era: a snake transforming into a swarm of butterflies.

Swift's caption matched ours and most fans reactions: "Gxgjxkhdkdkydkhdkhfjvjfj."

The same imagery is also reflected in the very beginning of her "Me!" music video, which shows a snake erupting into butterflies. Fans have already concluded that it likely symbolizes Swift's own metamorphosis from the darker, snake themes of her Reputation era (when the "Old Taylor was dead") to a place of being reborn and happy. With her latest album reportedly all about love, it makes sense. Another interesting layer to the butterfly-and-heart motif: A group of butterflies is often referred to as a "kaleidoscope," which could bring new meaning to the famous lyric she referenced in her "Me!" video: "Kaleidoscope of loud heartbeats under coats."

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As you can probably imagine, fans are losing their minds over this one.

Brb getting a full back tattoo of butterflies

— emma🦋💕 (@EmmaDunavant) June 14, 2019

the snake to butterflies back tattoo taylor swift literally has zero chill and IM SO BLESSED AND FORTUNATE TO BE ALIVE TO SEE THIS ALL WITH MY OWN TWO EYES @taylornation13

— fiona dingle ⎊ (@hayelyatwell) June 14, 2019

While we are guessing this tattoo is most likely a fake, that isn't stopping fans from wanting to copy the look — either temporarily or permanently.

I’m officially covering my back in butterfly tattoos #calmdown

— Brian Llamas 🇺🇸⚽️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (@bwllamas) June 14, 2019

Not since Mandy Moore in A Walk To Remember have we seen a fake butterfly back tattoo make such a splash among the youth, and if Swift is strategic about it, we smell a great merch opportunity (along with glitter heart makeup and blue-and-pink hair chalk) in her future.

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