Dancing With The Stars: Pamela Anderson Is In Above Her Head

Last night we really felt sorry for Pamela Anderson. Her cha cha got the LOWEST score of the night. The all-stars on Dancing with the Stars are a highly competitive group. Most either won their season or came close. Pam was one of the first voted off on her season. It’s not fair. Presumably she was invited back because she looks so good in the costumes. As judges negatively critiqued her dance, Pam looked stricken and devastated. It was an awkward moment and made us question the validity of the all-star show, We’re not as curious as we usually are about the contestants because we’ve ALREADY seen them dance, and they’re good. This season we won’t be wondering if the celebrities will embarrass themselves and we won’t be watching them improve every week. It’s just not as compelling.

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