Meghan Markle Is Pulling All The Right Strings

Personally, we have always felt that Meghan Markle was too good for Prince Harry. She had a successful and fun life as an actress with all kinds of opportunities ahead of her. Harry seems like a decent but very average guy and his life as a royal was posh but stifling. So we were thrilled when Meghan talked Harry into leaving the royal family behind and establishing a life of their own in the USA. At least she can continue acting! Certainly that’s the biggest reason they moved to LA. (Maybe the climate was also appealing!) Paparazzi here will be WORSE than the UK, so we know THAT’S not the reason they left. Harry is actually a very lucky guy- Meghan rescued him from a dull future. And she rescued herself from being FORCED to wear silly hats…

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA

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