Sam Worthington: Do You Know Who I Am

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Sam Worthington’s ordinariness is both a curse and a blessing. He and Leonardo DiCaprio starred in the two most popular movies of all time- Titanic andAvatar- but their lives are totally different. Leo continues to be a paparazzi target and his private life is all over the gossip columns. Maybe it’s partly because Leo has a very memorable face. Australian Sam Worthington is a good looking guy but has no distinctive characteristics. He enjoys privacy that Leo would envy, but he misses out on some perks. Leo is ushered to the best table at clubs and restaurants while Sam has to dig for his ID. He didn’t have it at the Atlanta barVortex and when they wouldn’t let him in he became belligerent and ended uparrested for disorderly conduct. He was in town filming “Ten” with Arnold Schwarzenegger but no one recognized him. Judging by the police photo above, we wouldn’t have let him in either.

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