Forget Kanye West- Has Johnny Depp Gone Nuts?

Even more problematic than Kanye West’s recent remarks about Planned Parenthood, the presidency, etc, are Johnny Depp’s lawsuits (he also sued his ex-wife Amber Heard) that are digging up and publicizing every insane or drugged-up thing he has said or done! By suing The Sun for libel, Johnny has invited the public to analyze his excessive and often repugnant behavior – things we would never have known about if HE had not filed suit! As a gossip writer, of course, we love these juicy revelations, but it IS mind boggling to think Johnny INVITED this stripping bare of his private life. Depp accused Elon Musk of having a threesome with his wife Amber and Cara Delevingne-. Musk denied it ever happened and was obviously astonished by Johnny’s self-defeating lawsuit- he recommended that “everyone bury the hatchet and move ON…
Above, Johnny Depp leaving courtroom in London

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA

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